English show

We will entertain foreigners! 

We love the world. We love foreign countries. We love all the cultures and their differences. Why not perform an English show that is universal to understand for all the foreigners in Munich? Now we do.

We will work on a bilingual website, but it will take a little bit time, so here is your exclusive area to look up and see upcoming shows and events for the Englishspeaking fans!

21st of October 2014 “Smile and Kiss – the foreign lovers show”Heppel und Ettlich, München | Starts at 8.00 pm  |  doors open at 7.00 pm | Entrance fee 12 €/8 €to reserve tickets send us an email: buehnenpolka@web.de | Munich seems to be a hot spot for singles. We are about to change it with this tremendous show. We will perform and you are our inspirations. Speed dating, flirting and some more. We will show you how to and what you should never do on a first date. We will even have a board to send some secret letters to your choices to find the perfect match to light your fire.
This is not a show that is only for singles, it is also a chance to get to know new friends or simply to have a blast of fun. 

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